End of spring roadtrip 2k10!!!!

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This is the adventure that Jill and I will be embarking on mid-May.  It should take us 12 days...where I'll be flying home.  We have places to stay most of our trip, however...we still need possible floors, couches, open lawn areas in Madison, WI and Chicago.  So if anyone knows anybody with a place to stay, or has a friend of a friend who doesn't mind having awesomeness crash on their floor, please let me know!!!  I mean...I plan on hitting up Mr. Chi City and letting him know that Jill and I are booshie hood chicks who go for that Arizona Iced Tea.  Perhaps write him a quick email.  For those of you who don't know who Mr. Chi City is...


We also have goals set out for this trip.  One of them being to do karaoke in a state where no one knows who we are at a bar where we can make fools of ourselves and dance the night away.  Yes...I said dance.  I will be trying to perfect my sweet moves on this trip as well.  This means my knee's gotta get up to par!!!  Time to get back on that bicycle!!!!

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