Whoa whirlwind week...

This past Friday night I hopped in a car and headed to Los Angeles.  I was Disneyland bound with my two good friends Chris and Amber.  They can be seen here:

We tore up Disneyland and the Tower of Terror for two full days, we made it back alive, we took pictures with monsters, we visited the first aid station, we ate, we ate some more, we didn't beat up any little kids AND we photographed the entire trip as evidence of our ridiculously fun filled trip.  Which included almost making a grown woman pee herself out of pure fear.

On Monday when I got to work, Alissa asked if I wanted to fly to Florida for one day for $10 each way.  Like the responsible adult I am, I told her, "Book it."  We double checked our work schedule, requested days off and in less than 7 minutes, our flight was purchased.  Tuesday immediately after work, we headed to the airport and jumped a red eye.  When I woke up we had landed in an 84 degree Ft. Lauderdale airport.  We immediately grabbed a rental and drove straight to South Beach.  Here we ate, we ate some more, we drove scooters with no helmets and we partied.  We also got to see a bunch of chicks walking around wearing mostly nothing.  After 10 hours, we got back on our flight home to drive from SFO back to Sacramento extremely exhausted and looking like lobsters.

Tonight I'm headed to Dillon Beach for the weekend to hang out with Katie and the fam before she's gotta head back to New York.  Hopefully we'll do something lewd and lascivious with the pirate statue.  I should be getting back to Sacramento with just enough time to do two loads of laundry, clean up a bit and pack for my 12 day road trip with Lady Jillington where we'll be eating, karaoke-ing, partying, driving, eating more and checking out some museums and important monuments, like the worlds largest ketchup bottle.

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