Biker baby

It looks like my nephew's starting early!! He's got his helmet and
gloves on. Next thing you know, he's bringin' babes home with a
"Property of" vest.


Lion tank

Knee is feeling good. It got a little swollen the other day, but
after a lot of ice it's mostly gotten back to normal. I'm staying
positive that recovery will keep on track.

I watched baseball yesterday. No one else was around. Made me feel
like daddy's little girl.

I rode my bicycle the other day. I didn't fall, which was a pleasant
surprise. It felt AMAZING. It was a good workout and my knee didn't
catch once. I think it's my new favorite activity. Besides, I'm on a
SWEET bike. I can't wait to be tooling around town on it. For rehab
AND to be on track for getting into "shape?"

I hope to one day have tins as epic as this. And a helmet to match.


Dream car

I've never had the pleasure of seeing this car in real life, but one
day I hope to. Richard Zocchi is a man after my heart! '59 Buick.
'60 Olds. '61 Phoenix?!?! L-O-V-E.

One day I hope to own a car as amazing as any one of his.


This weekend

I got to hang out with Mercedes and her guinea pigs today.  This is Basil.

Has been ridiculous.  It's been a busy, busy 2 days.  Dinner tomorrow night at my folk's place.  I get to pick up my cousins and get some quality time.  It's late and Alissa just reminded me I have physical therapy tomorrow at 10.  Oops!

Dennis Lee brought my bicycle to the house.  The doctor said I can ride a bike so long as I don't fall off!!!  Hopefully I'll get some miles in soon.  Brandorz and I took a quick trip around the block earlier today.  It felt good and my knee didn't catch, not once.

And here's a picture of Brandorz "fixing" his tail light.  MacGyver.


Nothing more gratifying than

A freshly made bed.  Perfect, crisp sheets.  Tucked corners.  The smooth bottom sheet.  One of my favorite things in the whole world.

Too bad this tiny miracle takes me 20 minutes.  What?!?!?!  Yes.  I did just say it takes me 20 minutes to make my bed.  Well, to my perfect specifications anyway.  For anyone that's ever lived with me, or watched me take my sheets out of the dryer, they can absolutely attest to this absurdity.  I literally walk around my bed about 20-30 times just to make sure everything is straight, unwrinkled and perfectly symmetrical.  It's ridiculous.  I've had quite a few people watch me in disbelief and then offer to help when they realize how long it's going to take me.  Unfortunately there are
very few people who've been able to help and do it just how I like.

So...20 minutes.  Ridiculous.  Right?  Right.  That's why I don't make my bed every day.  Especially on the whole cripple front.  BUT...when I get out of bed, the sheets are usually pretty straight and I just need to tidy things up (which only takes about 5 minutes) instead of going through all the motions.  Now...since I've moved into this fantastic place, because of the placement of my bedroom, I feel compelled to keep my room presentable.  My room is the first one you see and you can see directly into it from the living room with the bed *BAM* right there in the front.  Also...Alissa makes her bed close to every day and it makes me look like a slob if she's all clean and nice and I've slacked off.  

At the old house, Alissa and Jody would sometimes make me lunch.  And sometimes inside my lunch they would write sweet little notes on the napkin:



Even when I only got 5 hours of sleep the night before and know I need
to be up early-ish (before the sun sets) tomorrow, I still can't
manage to go to bed early.

Ahh well. I am a night owl I suppose. Speaking of owls, Brandon and
I tried to get a picture of one on the way home from Kip and
Melissa's. It flew away before we could capture it in a photograph.


She's automatic, so automatic

Today's physical therapy session was rough.  I got a less elastic band for some of my exercises and my leg really got a work out.  Although it burned, it was a good burn.

After PT I went to my folk's place.  Dad warmed me up some left overs and we watched some baseball.  After Jeannie Mae finished mending some pants she was working on, she made her way into the front room and coerced Dad into changing the channel.  After Jeannie Mae got bored sitting around not doing anything with her hands she got up and started de-seeding pomegranates.  Next thing I know...cup of fresh squeezed pomegranate juice in my hands.  Yay for moms & dads!!!!

At Nelly's birthday party my dad ended up with camera diarrhea and took about 93845234501 pictures of the family and everyone there.  He's got his fancy iPhone so he takes pictures everywhere he goes.  Now, my dad's a pretty stubborn ass.  He's also extremely intelligent and into technology.  Before the MMS feature came out he refused to get a generic gmail, hotmail or yahoo email address so he could send pictures to everyone.  Absolutely REFUSED.

Since MMS has come out for the iPhone I keep telling him he's got to update his phone and each time he asks me how to do it.  Every time I tell him he's got to attach his phone to the computer and open up iTunes, he asks me, "So...how do I do that?  What's the website for iTunes?"  These conversations usually end with me telling him I'll update it for him and then when I get to the house he decides it's not worth the trouble.

Tonight was no different.  I told him I wanted him to send me a few of the pictures he took from the other day.  "Oh, well...how do I do that?"

"You didn't update your phone yet?"

"No.  Should I?"

"If you want to send picture messages you should."

"What do I need picture messages for?  I've got Bejeweled.  What else do I need?!?!"



Who listens to Dashboard Confessional still?

Oh...that's right.  Me.  Living 8 years ago all over again.  But it's sooooooooooo good!!!  Especially at 6am?  Maybe.

Even though I am half actively trying to get on a more "normal" schedule in the past week I've gone from waking up at 11am to waking up at 3pm.  Oops!

This week I've got PT and doctor's appointments I've got to be awake for, so maybe that will help out with my hours.  After waking up and getting ready today I took Brandon to school and after I picked him up I headed to Aunt April's for Monday night dinner.  It was good to see the family even though I didn't get a chance to mosey around and talk to everyone.

During dinner Jeannie Mae was telling me about the rest of Aunt Nelly's 83rd birthday party.  Apparently Mom told Nelly that her sister (April) said she was sorry for not making it out, but wanted to wish her a happy birthday anyway.

Aunt Nelly looked Mom in the face, hugged her and told her, "Well that's awfully sweet of her to do that.  But I don't think I'm going to remember it soon anyway!"

A little bit later Nelly tells Mom it was her 84th birthday.  A little while after that Mom hears Nelly tell someone else it was her 85th.  There she was...aging years right before our very eyes!!!  Nelly's wonderful and has an amazing spirit and sense of humor.  Especially toward her memory!

After I got home my friend Grant came over and we went to Temple and had delicious tea.  Afterwards we came back to the house and I did some crocheting before getting sucked in by the interwebz yet again.

I want to get tattooed soon.  I've got some ideas in mind.  It'll be a while before anything happens, but I'm okay with that.  Priorities.

Less than twenty hours.


Even doctors don't move

So being on crutches and actually getting out of the house for the past 2 months you get to see how friendly some people are and how much chivalry has gotten lost over time.  I LOVE automatic doors because trying to get in a regular door (while easy now) takes some getting used to.  Especially those crazy heavy doors.

At the grocery store no one seems to offer up a place in line for the girl on crutches who's foot is obviously discolored.  While crutching to and from physical therapy twice a week people don't seem to take notice of the crutches and continue their conversations without moving or stepping aside to make much needed walking space.  EVEN THE DOCTORS DON'T MOVE for me and you'd think of all people, THEY would know better.  So in the past 2 months I've gotten used to not getting the special attention one would hope for.

Earlier tonight I went to the movies and even though I know better, I had 3 glasses of water at dinner.  I try my darndest to avoid using public restrooms when I've got 2 healthy(ish) legs, let alone have to use one while I've only got the one good leg.  Going to the bathroom on crutches not only means fighting to get the door to the bathroom open, but trying to maneuver in the stall itself.  Someone had a genius idea of making the toilets in the handi stall like 2 or 3 inches taller than the regular stalls and since I'm not exactly on the tall side, I usually prefer the regular stalls (even though they lack those sweet unsanitary bars to grab hold of in case I decide to "hover").

Tonight was no exception.  I headed to an oversized "regular" stall and after putting down 2 or 3 ass-gaskets I felt safe enough to put my disease free bum down and took a much needed tinkle.  When I got into the bathroom there were 2 other women in stalls and during the time it took me to get all buttoned up after peeing only 1 woman was left.  She was in her mid-twenties wearing a white shirt, brown cardigan, skinny jeans and some brown knee high suede boots, indie-ish, but not "hip."  She lingered around and stared at herself in the mirror while I hobbled over to wash my hands.  Since I've been on crutches, I'm always slightly nervous about washing my hands while other people are around.  Because I'm on crutches I've got to dry my hands thoroughly so that way I don't slip and I always worry people thing I'm a tree hater because I use so many paper towels.

Anyway...I finish washing my hands and as I move toward the garbage can the woman in the bathroom heads toward the door and this is always where things get awkward.  Like, are they going to hold the door?  Will the let it close on me 4 feet away?  Will they sigh as they wait for me to hurry?  Will they rush out like they didn't see me?  This beautiful woman gets to the door while I'm about 10 feet away (more than enough time to go through and skee-dattle without having to see me after I get out) and she holds the door and waits for me.  At this point I realized she hung around the extra minute or two deliberately.  I pass her on my way out and say, "Thank you very much!"  She smiled at me and with an air of confidence I get a, "You. Are welcome." 

I was stoked, obviously.  She was a cool chick who was down to help and I can't wait to pay it forward.



83 with a short term memory

My Aunt Nelly's 83rd birthday was today.  A fews years ago she had a stroke and lost her short term memory.  Ever since then she's introduced herself to me multiple times, including during the same visit.

The funny thing about her not having her short term memory, is that she remembers she can't remember.  So usually the introductions go something like this:

"Well hello dear.  And who are you?"

"Hi Aunt Nelly, I'm Dennis and Jeannie's daughter Rijel!"

"Oh well, is that right?  You're all grown up now."

"That I am!"

"Well, it's good to see you again.  Now I lost some of my memory and can't remember much anymore, so I might tell you who I am again later.  You'll just have to excuse me."

So you usually get 2 or 3 introductions at every event, but it's always fun and she's always so sweet about "meeting" you.  Also, on the way out she generally hugs you and says, "Well, it was real good to meet you!"

Depending on how everyone's feeling sometimes we'll introduce ourselves as someone else for funsies.  Then, we'll tell her who we really are about 30 seconds and she'll laugh and tell us she doesn't have a very good memory.  She's quite light hearted about the situation and seems to enjoy the joke.

Since Brother and Amy just got back to town mom and dad were wondering if they'd be joining us at the birthday party.  I sent Brother a text message.  The response I get:

No, tell her we were there though...she'd never know! =p

Needless to say, I called Brother a dick, laughed out loud (literally), then showed my cousin and parents the message and then we all laughed together.  Things are much funnier when there's truth behind them.


I wanted to throw my crutches away today.

This afghan flabbergasts me.  It's crocheted, which means that it's already harder to make a good looking picture, but the artist pulled it off, and quite well.  If I were at all artistic I would attempt something like this, but I know it wouldn't end up as nice...or looking like I would want it to...or ever be completed.  Perhaps one day.  I have ideas on how even I would be able to complete something like this, but it's a lot of work and I'm afraid to take on such a task, especially since I don't know what the outcome would be.  One of these days I'll get over worrying about it and just get it done.  One of these days is just far away, long after the smaller projects I want to attempt are completed (or I've been defeated by them).

Audrey.  Oh dear Audrey.  So elegant and stunning with such large feet.  I love her style.  Everything about it.  Completely timeless.  She dressed to her body style and never strayed far from it.  Her slim pants, collared shirts and a-line dresses.

If only.

Physical therapy today was good.  I did a lot of stretching and I can tell I'm gaining muscle.  Although it was pointed out later in the evening that my legs are obviously different sizes.  That's okay though, I'm going to be diligent about regaining my strength, muscle and mass this time around.  I don't want another surgery and stabilizing my knee through my quads is a high priority.

Not only did I eat breakfast today, but I also had dinner and dessert.  Lemon bar.  Delicious.  Good company too, but the visit was cut short and I went to pick up Brother and Amy at the airport.  Did you know they have a free "cell phone lot" at the airport now?!  Up to 3 hours free parking while you wait to get the call to go to the loading zone.  That means no more hanging out in the gas station parking lot!!  Woot woo!!!!

Where the Wild Things Are this weekend!!!  I've been ramping up all week for this movie and I'm totally excited to get to the theater to finally watch it in all it's glory.



New Keds

Not a good idea to wear them the first time for a 3 block crutch to
physical therapy.

The only thing that sucks about winter

Is not being able to do this:

Winter is the only time I can really get away with wearing 4-6 layers and not get totally ridiculed.  It also means I get to wear scarves, gloves, long socks and coats.  I also don't mind the rain and can't wait to puddle jump once I get my legs back.

I woke up a little bit ago from a super sweet 5 hour nap.  It's 3 in the morning and I think I'll try to stay awake to make the end of the week a "normal" one, besides...if I'm still awake at 7 I can go get breakfast!  It's kind of silly having a 5 hour nap when I'd only been awake 8 hours.

My crochet was kept at a ridiculous minimum today.  I so badly want to have "the itch" to work on it.  I did yesterday and I think that's why I didn't want to sleep.  I was too excited to work on what I was doing.

Physical therapy in 9 hours.  SIX days.


Holy Rollers.

A tree fell on Amber's house.

I went to bed super late yesterday (6:30am) and woke up around 11.  I went to physical therapy and worked out.  You think I'd be tired and want to retire early, right?  Apparently not.  It's 6am and I'm wide awake.  Luckily I have nothing that needs to be done tomorrow.  I have a few phone calls that I should make, but nothing pressing.

The day was packed full of Etsy and other craft sites that kept me busy the majority of the day.  Well, that and chauffeuring Brandon around.  I think Alissa should get an award for all the transport she does.  Not only did she take me to and pick me up from PT, but she also took B to school today and I went along for the ride for funsies.

Outside our house was a flooded.  Starbucks lost all their patrons to Peet's because the drain on the Starbucks side was clogged and the street was flooded and water was probably around 6-8 inches deep.  Sabotage?  Maybe.  On the way to drop Brandon off there were multiple limbs and branches strewn about the road.  It was also very windy and the rain hurt when it hit my face.  After I picked Brandon up from school (what the frick, am I a mom?) we went and got food for dinner at Safeway.  The parking lot when we pulled in was flooded.  The shopping carts looked as if they were stuck in a lake.

Oh yeah...and a tree fell on Amber & Chris' house.  Luckily it didn't damage their place, but it DID damage their neighbor's.  There wasn't anyone living inside the place, although rumor has it that the place had just been remodeled inside and was about to be rented.  Brandon was gonna call and see how much cheaper rent would be with the new add-on.

I stole all the pictures from Brandon's Flickr.  Tomorrow I might crutch down to see and conquer this tree.  All wheel crutching.

Where the Wild Things Are comes out Friday.

Oh yeah...and 7 days and counting.


Farming an astronaut

My attempts to get on a "normal" schedule are failing horribly.  I woke up earlier today than I have the past 2 weeks, but it still wasn't even close to when I wanted to be up.  Then again, when you go to bed at 7am, how do you expect to be up by 10?  Although I woke up at 10, I felt the urge to seize the bed and lay in the comfort of covers.

I got new gloves AND a new pair of Keds today.  I no longer need shoes for my uniform next year since I made the purchase today.  My folks made left overs and Brandon and I went over to their house and watched How I Met Your Mother.  After we left Jeannie Mae's we headed over to the fabric store so Brandon could pick up some canvas for Jeannie Mae to make him a bag for his moto and I needed some small supplies for tiny projects I've wanted to dive into for a while now.  I also got 2 more skeins of yarn for a quick project for the night. 

I haven't been able to start and finish a project in a day for quite a while.  It's probably because most of my projects have been blankets and those aren't exactly 1 day projects.  I made a few more coasters for our house and I also made a winter cap.  

So if anyone wants to purchase a fantastic winter cap, let me know.  It's taupe in color and is a wool blend, so it's super warm for those cold windy nights.  It's got a tiny bill on it in case it gets a little sunny during the day.  I've made a few others and everyone who's worn them always gets fantastic compliments.  If you don't want to purchase it...but want one and are willing to trade, let me know what you've got!!!!  I'll also take a couple pictures later and post 'em up in case anyone is interested.
8 days.


It's a Death Cab kind of week

Earlier albums mainly.  Remembering how much I love that band.

After Alissa got done with her shift, I met her at work and we got our fitness on for almost an hour or so.  A solid 40 minutes probably.  I rode the stationary bike and did 2.2 miles and was on the bike at level 4 for 15 minutes.  I must have been putting in a lot of effort with my good leg because I felt the burn in it before I felt the burn in my left.  I tried to make sure I was applying an even amount of pressure, but it's super difficult, especially since I'm so used to babying that side.

I got my ass kicked at cards this weekend.  Gosh I hate losing, but I LOVE to win...so it keeps me playing over and over again trying to get my stats up.  I didn't make it to the pool on Friday, but have to land appointments scheduled next week that I'm incredibly excited for.  My black eye has almost completely dissolved as well.  While I no longer look as tough, I can now open my eye all the way (insert half aZn joke here).

My schedule this week looks pretty busy and includes getting my truck smogged and PICKING UP NIGEL!!!!!!!!  Unfortunately he won't be road ready when I get him, but I'm pretty hellbent on riding him before the winter sets in.  I'm sure I've got good friends who are pretty hellbent on seeing me riding Nigel before the winter sets in so I'm trying to make my dream a reality.  I absolutely love that bike.  He IS my pride and joy.  He IS my dream.  He IS a dream come true.  He IS going to be in my life forever.  He WILL be ridden.

Thizz face?  G face?  O face.


I am going to miss nights like these...

Hopefully motorcycles will soon fall into place and I'll be riding around like everyone else.  Bicycle soon.  I ate cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner today.  Living the LIFE.

Legs in 10 days.


How'd I get a black eye?

No idea. It's developed throughout the day and now that I've gotten
home and had the chance to look in the mirror, it looks like it might
turn purple by the morning. It's probably a bug bite or something.
At least that's what I'm hoping! I'll be bummed if I got punched in
the face and can't even remember!!

It's the second night in a row that I can't connect to the interwebz
and have had to peruse the good craigslist ads on my phone.

Today was full of wonder and amazement that included a trip to the
DMV, a delicious orange and strawberry freeze, going to see Cloudy
with a Chance of Meatballs with Jill and Mercedes, watching The Office
wedding, chatting with BFFs and porch sitting. Lucky for me...each of
these activities were INCREDIBLY handi-friendly.

Tomorrow is pool therapy day at 75% and I'm WAY curious about what
exercises she'll be having me do. I hope it's way fun. It IS Friday


Who's gonna be on top?

Yeah...America's Next Top Model.  As every Wednesday should be, I headed to Kip & Melissa's for some ridiculous television viewing and hoping the silly short model I like will not get booted off.  She's in it for another week!!!  Emre and Sydney ran over Brandon all night.  He got this photo when Sydney decided she wanted to sit on his head.

Today I went to physical therapy and got to 75%.  Right on schedule.  I was on land today and my PT had me doing squats and these crazy leg workouts that made my leg do the "muscle twitch."  It always makes me feel pretty silly even though it's completely normal.  I have started "walking" with the crutches and it feels pretty good.  I just need to remember I'm not super woman and still won't be able to REALLY walk for another 13 days.

Tomorrow I go to the DMV to get my license renewed.  It should be pretty quick since I get special handi privileges.

Around midnight I looked at the clock, then realized I need to get back on more of a "regular schedule" when I thought it was only about 8pm.  It's almost 2:30 and I'm wide awake.  This is getting ridiculous again.  At least it's not just me.  It's Alissa too...but at least she has a reason for having a crazy schedule!!!  Maybe if I actually go to the gym to work on my fitness I'll be more inclined to have a regular schedule?  Perhaps.  Probably not though.

Bicycle time soon.  I'll be ruling the streets via night time in a couple days.  I'll see how that goes and hopefully I won't be such a klutz with no cars on the road.


75 percent. Win.

When I wake up I will be at 75%.  That means in 14 days I will be (hopefully) walking and ruling the streets on two wheeled dream machines.  I need to start seriously rehabbing my knee and getting it prepped for my first steps.  I need to stop being so dang lazy.

I keep having the feelings of being able to walk already.  Sometimes as I sit straight up or go to re-position myself I get day dream glimpses of myself standing up and walking over to grab something or using my left leg to lean on.  Then reality hits and I realize these are fantasies.  At least these dreams will be coming true shortly.

Today I ate some delicious pizza and key lime pie all during a Bones marathon.  I think I watched about 14 episodes today.  It was AMAZING.  A nice day to sit around without much to do.  I hope I wake up early enough tomorrow to accomplish a semi-long task list that seems to keep growing.


Good ol' fashion nightmare

I have so many ideas and so many started projects I keep getting sidetracked by each of them.  I really want to get back into embroidery and have quite a few ideas I would like to come to life.  I also have the baby blankets I need to get done pronto as well as the scarf I'm working on.  Oh yeah...and the cap I've been working on since last year that will only take me about a half hour to finish.  I should probably stop buying yarn and use up what I've got.  I mean...it'd keep me busy for the next year or so.

This weekend went by pretty quickly...picking up Gma and visiting with friends were the extent of my activities.  I've been slacking on some of my exercises and know I need to get with it.  I need to actually make it to the gym and get on that stationary.  Come Wednesday I'll be at 75% and I need to make sure my knee and surrounding muscles are up for the challenge.  Do you know what me being at 75% means?  It means in JUST OVER 2 weeks I'll be WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't remember the last time days drug on like this.

I got a call Sunday from an extremely excited friend.  He got the gift I had sent and LOVES it!  The gift was this fantastic robot painting done by my friend Adam.  He's fantastic and is working on a project called 100 Robots.  He's selling each robot for $10 postage paid...you can read more about it on his blog here.

When I feel more like typing I've got another amazing story of Gma fixing mistakes Jeannie Mae's made.  Otherwise, this week looks like it's filling up with errands to run including going to the DMV to get my license renewed.  Who knew you can't get into the bar with an expired license?!  I do now.  Oops!


Grandma gives good advice.

Since Gma was in town, I went over to Mom & Dad's to hang out for a while.  Just as expected, as soon as I got there Gma had her hands on some yarn and a needle.  She was attacking some needlepoint my mom had been working on for a Halloween present.  I asked her why she wasn't working on her own project and she tells me, "Ohh...you know your mom don't do right.  I fix!!!"

Now...my mother is a FANTASTIC craftista.  She can do every possible craft that involves a needle and thread or yarn AND she does it very well.  But whenever Gma comes to visit Mom finds all her latest unfinished projects and other items she couldn't get JUST right.  Then, grandma being grandma...she sees these projects, throws her hands up in the air baffled and goes, "Oh my gosh.  YOU do dat?!"

We concede.  Tell her we'll never be as good as she is (which is ridiculously true) and hand over the project.  Not only did we spend over 2 weeks to start and get to the point where we stopped, but we thought we'd done a pretty good job.  Grandma.  Grandma takes the project...gives it a once-over then tears the entire thing out.  Before she leaves for home (sometimes only a 2 day visit) she hands us back a finished product.  Better than it was when she was first handed the project.

As Mom, Gma and I were sitting around crafting on Saturday night I asked my dad to get me a pair of socks since my foot and toes were on the cold side.  Gma asked if it was circulation that was keeping it blue and I told her it probably was.  She stops and puts the needlework on her lap.  She looks me dead in the face and says, "Then you need to get up and walk around.  Stop be so lazy all da time!!"

"Grandma.  I'm on crutches!"

She starts laaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuughing!!!!!  It was the most darling laugh.  Her and my mother couldn't breathe because they were laughing so hard.  Then again...neither could I.


Grandma's gambling habits

Last night around 9 (WAY after grandma's bedtime) I got a phone call from her number.  I figured it was my uncle Michael solidifying plans for me picking up my gma, but on the other end I hear an asian woman with a thick chinese accent.

"Wiiichoool.  You can't pick me up tomorrow."

"Umm...why not grandma?"

"Because I gamble on Fridays and you pick me up in Quincy means I no gamble.  I need to keep my routine, so you no pick me up.  I go to Oroville and gamble with Michael."

"So do you want me to pick you up in Oroville?  After you're done gambling?"

"Yeaaah.  Yeahh...that sound good."

"Okay!  What time should I get you then?"

"Ohh, I don't know.  I don't know when I run out of money or when I be done.  Maybe you not pick me up at all."

"No grandma...you're coming down to Sacramento tomorrow to stay the weekend.  What time do you want me to pick you up?  4 or 5?"

"Um...yeah.  I get dere around 12 o'clock.  I think that will be enough time for me to gamble.  Maybe I not go to Sacramento at all."

"Grandma, please put Michael on the phone."

After about 15 minutes we figured everything out and I'm picking her up at 6 because she needs to keep her routine of blowing cash on some machines and getting a McDonalds flurry for lunch.


Although I wasn't incredibly busy yesterday, I was very tired today.  Maybe it was from when I went to the DMV and got my perma-handi pass finally.  I'm not sure why, but I was tired looooooong before I went to PT today even.  Kip and Melissa's kids must've worn me out.  Even though it was Brandon who was doing all the baby tossing activities.

Physical therapy in the water today.  The knee hasn't caught once today (so far) AND I got to do squats in the pool!!!!!!  They didn't hurt, but I could definitely feel the burn in my quads and it felt FANTASTIC!!  I crutched to and from PT and it was quite a work out.

I had a dinner date tonight and had amazing convo's with some peeps I hadn't seen in a while and miss hanging out with.  Once I got home Brandon and I headed over to Golden Bear.  Brandon got in and I handed the door guy my ID.  He said I couldn't go in.  What. The. Heck.  I was JUST at the DMV...why didn't they tell me my ish was expired?!?!?!  Oops!!!  Looks like I gotta go back again.  Luckily I've got crutches that make my DMV visits extremely speedy.  Oh yeah...and up front parking.  Life rulezzzz.


Naked old ladies.

Right when I got to physical therapy I headed towards the pool.  Erica, my PT lady told me to be cautious because there might be some of the older women still changing in the locker area.  It's not like I've never seen a naked woman before, so I said "alright" and crutched over to the closed curtain.  I wanted to make sure they knew I was coming in so I kind of holler, "Knock.  Knock." and walk in.

Now...as I get in there, I've got on slip on Keds, my jorts (jeans cut off into knee length shorts), a tank top, a v-neck short sleeve shirt and my swim suit on underneath.  As I walk in you can definitely see my arm all colored and the flowers on my chest.  I get a couple strange looks from the women which is odd because they're both in their late 60s to mid 70s and sitting in there stark naked having a conversation I apparently interrupted.  They were pretty nice and asked if I was going to put on my suit.  Since I came prepared I let them know I only needed to store my things.  As I take off my shoes the woman sitting across from me looks closely at the tattoo on my foot.

"Drag...?" she asks.

"Drug free."


As I take off my shirt and tank top she sees my entire arm (although not much is left to the imagination since the sleeves are already so short).

"Oh, it's the whole thing?" she asks.

"Yeah, all the way up!" which I said pretty happily so as not to sound offended if her question was an innocent one.

"That's going to be a lot harder to get off then, won't it?" she asks with actual concern and without disdain.

"Yeah, but I don't plan on taking them off.  I think I'm going to keep 'em for a while."

"Ohhh...I guess you used to really believe that one, huh?" as she looks at my drug free tattoo.

"I still do."

She looks at me incredibly baffled and I get up and crutch to the pool.  She was genuinely concerned for my ability to remove my tattoos.  I'm not sure she knew exactly what they were or how they got there.  It was incredibly adorable.